If you are an Indian and a Hindu then you must be familiar with the tradition called sumangalis. A sumangali is one whose husband is still alive. A lot of respect and a belief that these women possess spiritual force even after they are way gone. We perform sumangali puja before … Continue reading

Nine Yards Saga

I created the “Thoughts’ as a subcategory when we started this blog. Wasn’t sure what to share in this category, though. My two other contributors liked to pen down their thoughts through poems.

Thought it would be fun to share with you all some nine yards picture moments. All through the nine-days of Navratri or for that matter any festival at Iyer household, the nine yards doesn’t miss the occasion to shine.

It kinda looks pretty to see all the Maamis in madisar pudavai, as we lovingly call it 🙂 It’s quite comfortable if worn right. Now I have no clue how to tie it but love to be in it, don’t know if that makes sense 😀. My Mom-in-law (Amma) is an expert and everyone in our family gets her help when it comes to draping nine yards. She does make the tuck there and a twist here look easy and she lovingly ties it to keep it in place through any pooja/function.

This is one saree that doesn’t ask for a saree pin to hold it in place. I still remember the feeling when I had to change into the heavy Koora Pudavai, my first 9-yards experience 😉 You have to change into it before the shastrigals call reminding you of the muhurtha neram and my sister-in-laws, little ones then went looking for my Mother-in-law. She came in and draped it in less than five minutes and it stayed put even after the muhurtham.

Amma wears it all the time and me for nombu and important functions. Though Amma never insisted on my wearing the 9-yards but my affinity and the glow on her face seeing me in it was all enough to keep my love going for it.

Although the art of draping it looks complicated at first but it is worth the time. On my learning list…

So, let me continue the story with pictures

Busy Chithis


Varalakshmi Vratam


Shashti Abdha Poorthi n Mamis mostly in red madisar


Amma busy


Nombu ’16


Nombu ’15


Colorful Chithis in madisar


Amma busy again, Varalakshmi Pooja


That would be all from me folks!

Hope the thread never looses its charm and keeps enticing generations to come 🙂

Please tell me that you’ll recreate the madisar look for the festivities ahead! And do not let the Monday blues dampen your spirits and have a lovely week ahead!! ❤️😄