Frugal Healthy Indian

With the west turning frugal, frugality has gained momentum. Over the past few years, everyone had been talking about living frugally. Today there are books on frugality, bloggers are writing about it, frugal ventures are happening, frugal entrepreneurs are born and frugal innovations are on a high.

While it was not yet a fad in the West, East Asians believed in following a frugal but healthy lifestyle. My grandparents who celebrated 58 years of their marriage stand as a model to that lifestyle. They don’t pop pills like we do today instead they believed in following a healthy Mind and a healthy Diet.

My grandmother even today follows her schedule that she did when she was in her teens. She says it has done her only good. As a homemaker, wife, a mother and now a grandmother she never compromises on our health and ensures we get a balanced meal. Mind you, all this frugally.

Even today, her day starts at 4 in the morning and after she completes her religious chores she is in the kitchen by 5 am. Working out a meal plan and prepping up for all three-course meal for the day. Her kitchen has never seen a day off 🙂

Of course, Thata is the pillar that holds her life and he supports her in every way. They are still very much in love and it’s always delightful to see them cook together.

Thata helping Paati(secret to a happy marriage)

I thought why not share with my readers how she transformed the watermelon ridges into an appetising curry and some pictures of today’s lunch… yum yum.

Arugampul/ Bermuda Grass Juice(has numerous health benefits)


3 thoughts on “Frugal Healthy Indian

  1. nice post

    namaskarams to mama and mami and also to latha akka and ranghu mama.

    i have seen mama cutting veg. right from my childhood days back in railway qtr.
    their good humor clubbed with presence of mind is what makes their bonding magical.

    chitra ramprasad

    Liked by 1 person

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